Now’s the time you might be wishing you had a Realtor in the family. If you give me twenty four hours, you’ll realize you do. (Well....maybe not a DNA relative but close!)

Whether you’re just starting to consider a move or you’re a year into working on this, I can help you assess where you are. I’m with you through every step of the process from helping you figure out what you can afford to purchase or a realistic valuation of your home to contractor referrals and the best WiFi in your new neighborhood. From before your search begins until years after a purchase, there’s no step of homeownership I won’t be walking with you.

Here are what some of my previous clients have to say: 

Jami Bassman has done an amazing job for me and my family. She assisted in the sale of our home as well as the sale of my grandmother’s home. She made very complicated processes very easy and simple for us. She is an agent with a lot of heart, always there to address any concerns and ensure the best for us. With her quick humor and positive, yet realistic outlook she was able to both prepare us and de-stress any situation. We will be forever grateful for her assistance in this process. I highly recommend her!
— Cindy F., Johnston, Iowa
I worked with Jami when moving from out of state. I had limited time to find a place and due to the high demand at the time wasn’t finding much. Rather than pressure me into something that wasn’t right for me right away, Jami put me in touch with different rentals and told me to wait. She continued to help me over the next several months until I did find the perfect place for me. The thing I appreciated most about working with her personable approach and how she continually thought about what would be best for me before the sale. When I was ready to throw in the towel and buy something because I just wanted to be done looking at houses, she would caution me to wait and assure me that she would help me find the right place, and sure enough she did. I recommend her to any of my friends looking for a home and if I ever sell my current home (which I LOVE) she’ll be my first call.
— Melissa H., Des Moines, Iowa
Buying a house with Jami is like convincing your parents your boyfriend isn’t trash. She’ll ask all the right questions, help you to find all the faults, and if after all that, you still love him, she’ll let you marry him and even help plan the wedding.
— John F., Des Moines, Iowa

I grew up in West Des Moines, went to college in Los Angeles and spent about 11 years out there before I found my way home in 2006. I started flipping houses with my Dad and my sister and found a love for real estate. My Dad was a Realtor in Des Moines for 50 years. He was partners with my Mom and my sister and I was lucky enough to get to tap into their extensive knowledge and practice of conducting business in the community the same way they did; fairly, honestly, compassionately and tirelessly. Those lessons are my core values and I walk that talk in business and in life.

There are no strings on contacting me. I know what it’s like to not know who you can trust. My services to buyers are always free and for sellers, I can work together with you to put together an estimate of proceeds that’s equitable for everyone. It’s my pleasure to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision going forward. The first step is yours. You can call, text or email and I’ll be in touch within twenty-four hours!

What I work for….

What I work for….